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Drawing of the system

2010 Juli 5

Hey People,

Had no time to really get into the code, especially because i have to do some html/php and i´m not yet very experienced. But the project is in my thougths every day. I should be learning very hard but i only make 4-5hrs a day… In the remaining time i´m thinking about concepts for new projects (beside sports and friends) , like a giant 8×8 RGB-Matrix like Richard Kline did here (seen on

I really would like to use an rainbowduino for this, but i didn´t found anything about “external” RGB-matrices in the rainbowduino-sphere…

BUT: One has to focus to get things done! (Ok, i really want to make my own copenhagen-wheel, its pretty awesome when you get your pedaling energy back while breaking downhill)

(Paper made while waiting for the Library to open)

I´m going with a 2-stage brake lever: 1st stage is regenerative breaking (electrical) 2nd stage is mechanical (e.g. emergency) braking with a disc brake…

I didn´t have any resources to look out which Voltage is needed for a hub motor but i know electrical cars have up to 1000Volts so 60Volts should work for a bycicle, and you can make 60Volts (exactly, 59,2Volts)when putting 16*3,7Volt LiIon/LiPolymer batteries in a row…

Aeehm, Focus!

back to the temperature storing system:

I thought about the system and came out that it wouldn´t be “useful” after all (for other people) as long as i dont have an easy-to-use and nice-looking user-interface (thanks apple for the philosophy ;). So i thought a bit about the outcome of the data and made a  drawing with -attention-  pen and paper!

I think it helps to check what is done and what has to be done.

Here´s my drawing:

I dont have a scanner at the moment so i have to make photos to “scan” something. This photo is taken with an very old Nokia N73, its about 4 years old now and makes really good pictures, even when compared to actual phones. I´m way off to be a fanboy of apple or nokia or sth like this, but the camera with the Carl-Zeiss optics does impress me every time again.

I know, a drawing isn´t  far as interesting  as new code but i think some lines will come out in a few days.

And now: please proceed to follow your heart ;)


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